About us

Al Safa - The Uniform Maker


Al Safa al Mutammayaz began its journey in the year 2010, when two young entrepreneurs, who had been working in the uniform industry for over 6 years, came together with an idea to begin with a new brand of uniforms in Oman, Al Safa-the uniform makers. This idea would have not been complete without the support of Mr. G.Sabir, who himself is a tycoon apparel stitching business for over 4 decades in Oman.

To be the best In a competitive market,  it is essential to understand the needs of a customer, and we have always been doing this. Initially, Al Safa started with a small tailoring shop in Ruwi. With an aim to grow and expand, soon we started with a full-fledged factory to offer the best uniforms in Oman. And also, we are well known for manufacturing, trading, and importing all kinds of uniforms needs in Oman.

Since the beginning, we have been supplying the best products to our customers and offering them high services to meet their demands. We have the best tailoring team, who is working hard to serve you uniforms with perfection. Our team pays attention to even small details to avoid the chances of mistake. We work without forgetting our moral values. We respect the needs of our clients and give them what they have been seeking. After working for so many years, we have earned the trust and respect of our clients that has pushed us towards success.

At our uniform store, you are going to find a wide range of uniforms for different professions. You will also come across different clothing products, accessories, and supplies. We have been offering our services to all levels of businesses from small to big. You just need to discuss the details and we will serve you what you have asked for.




We know that there are different brands in the market who have been selling the same products as ours, but we can assure you that no one is as good as Al Safa. And, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

- It is a market full of claims. Here everyone is promising to offer the best products but only a few are sticking to their promises and we are one of them. When we say that at our uniform shop, you will find high-quality products, you will actually find the finest quality range of uniforms. 

- We are one of the most reputable uniform makers in Muscat. Our team gives their best to meet the needs of the customers and even go further to satisfy them. We are employing only the best tailors who are skilled and remain updated with the changing trends. 

- We have been using the best and advanced machines to give you perfect products without any faults. Apart from us, our machines too understand your needs and give you the desired products.

- We have a reputation of having a strong customer based operations. We know how to respect and deal with the customers. We believe in having a long term customer relationship. We love to retain our customers with our amazing services and friendly communication skills. 

- We are also offering customized work uniforms to different companies. You just need to tell us your requirements and we will offer you exactly what you have asked for with the right brand names and logos. 

You can anytime search for us on the internet and you will find only good things about our brand and its products. You can contact us whenever you want and we assure you to meet your expectations and do our best.


Our Mission

Having an experience of 10 years, we are working in this industry with a mission to expand our brand as much as possible. Since the beginning, we have tried to reach as much customers as possible. And, we will continue with this mission of reaching out to those looking for uniforms manufacturer and supplier across the world.

Apart from getting more clients, our mission is to enhance our skills and services as well to always stand ahead of our competitors. We want to help our clients in every possible way. We want to be their saviors. And, to achieve this we are working hard every day and we will continue to do so.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see our brand growing globally. We have always been working towards it and will keep doing the same. We will continue to increase our client database. We will continue to work hard, enhance our skills and keep doing whatever it takes to be the best uniform manufacturer and supplier globally.

And, if there is someone who can help us to make our vision come true, then it is you. If you are looking for a uniform supplier, we are just a call away. Or, you can also leave us an email with your query. We will be happy to serve you and accomplish our vision.

Our Esteemed Customers